Date Archives: 2016/04


When politicians pronounce

Donald Trump is not the first politician to make headlines over his pronunciation, but the way he said the word ' Tanzania ' in a recent speech probably tells more about his international policy credentials than poor pronunciation skills....

April 28, 2016


Can you tell the difference between US and UK pronunciation?

Do you know how to tell the difference between British and American pronunciation? Test your knowledge in our fun quiz!   Test your knowledge of the accents of English Can you tell the difference between US and UK accents? Try...

April 14, 2016


Johan Cruyff, Sláinte and Leicester most pronounced in March

The sad passing of Dutch footballing legend Johan Cruyff was reflected on Forvo during the month of March. His name was one of the top searched for terms on the site over the past  week. As tributes poured in for the former Barcelona and...

April 1, 2016