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Top Pronounced Words 2022

Forvo, the world's largest pronunciation dictionary, has released its list of the most consulted words of 2022. Can you guess what words or names we could be talking about? It's no surprise that the the war in Ukraine or the Football...

December 30, 2022


Forvo Academy is getting closer

Dear Forvers, Next year Forvo turns 15 and getting here as a world reference would not have been possible without all your help. For all this, the first thing we want to convey to you through this message is our gratitude for your commitment...

December 14, 2022


New pronunciation evaluation project

In 2021, Forvo has started working on a pronunciation evaluation project with speech recognition, a project that has possible applications for the fields of Health and Education. The Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and...

February 12, 2022